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Kadaiki Academy Application: Arai Shinjiro by OverVenture Kadaiki Academy Application: Arai Shinjiro by OverVenture

Name: Arai Shinjiro

Age: 17

Date Of Birth: February 2nd

Year: second year

Height: 5' 7" ~170cm

Club: Music

Personality: Shinjiro acts like he's the best and he has the ego to go with it. He will admit to not being good at something only if he doesn't like the activity in the first place. While he tries to look tough he hates physically fighting. He has quite a bit of patience and tries to be nice (making him great to unload problems on), but if he's having a bad day he'll complain to no end and if you try to unload your problems at this point you'll likely end up in tears. He believes that everyone should be granted trust, even upon first meeting them. However once you've broken his trust it's almost impossible to win it back. He procrastinates like no other, but he will always do what he's asked in the end (as long as there's a deadline involved). He gets lonely pretty easily so even if it means hanging out with people he isn't very fond of he prefers it over hanging out with no one.

He'll always keep a secret if you ask him to.

He says things like:

"There's no rush. Just take everything at your own pace."
"There's no such thing as wasted time. Even starring out into space has its own merits."
"I'd rather do what I want rather than do what others want me to do."
"I can't right now, I've got to finish this."
"Sup! Sorry for dropping in on you like this, but you're free today, right? Let's go into town."
"You're doing it wrong. Here, try doing it like this."
"There's no such thing as 'bad music'. Even ridiculous sounding things can be wonderful as long as the emotion is there."
"Just keep at it, you'll get it eventually."

Bio: (Make sure to make this pretty detailed, believable/realistic, and a decently large paragraph explaining the past for your character.)
  • Elementary/Childhood
    • Shinjiro started off at a basic public school. He was always up for learning something new. He was a stickler for rules and was considered mature for his age. He had a lot of friends, some of which he's still in contact with to this day. His mom took him to various classes, from karate to dance to swimming. She never kept him in anything for too long and rather than encourage becoming a master of something she would encourage him to just be decent at many things. He never got in trouble much, and actually gained a fear of getting into severe trouble after hearing horror stories of what other kid's parents would do to them.

  • Middle School
    • Shinjiro and his parents ended up moving around a lot during this time due to his father's company continuously sending him to various branches for months at a time. Shinjiro still tried to make friends, always finding someone to sit with. However as middle school students are often so filled with drama, Shinjiro didn't make any good, lasting friends during this time and remembers it bitterly. While his fear of being disciplined did not decline, he started trying to get away with breaking various rules. At one point he managed to have another student put in detention, even though Shinjiro was the one who had committed the act (he framed the other kid).

  • Break before joining Kodaiki Academy
    • Finally Shinjiro expressed to his parents his dislike of moving so much. His parents agreed to allow him to apply to various private schools (Shinjiro's grades were fairly decent, being as he didn't really have any friends so he'd spent a lot of time studying). Shinjiro spent this last break before moving into the dorms at Kodaiki Academy playing his bass guitar, piano, and goofing off playing various video games. His family never really went on vacation so he spent the summer pretty much alone in his room (still no friends). He did however go to an amusement park with a cousin one weekend, but as his cousin was afraid of heights he didn't end up riding too many big rides. He still had fun though, at least until he overdid one of the spinning rides.

Likes: Piano, Listening to music, drawing, playing video games, junk food, trying new things and pushing boundaries (without breaking them!!)

Dislikes: Losing control, being wrong, perpetually grumpy people, heat, and perfection.

Sexual Preference: None. He is asexual.

  • Doesn't get jokes, but loves puns.
  • Likes to get loud.
  • Likes ear accessories, but no other types of jewelry.
  • Prefers decent walking shoes so he can go outside at a moments notice.
  • Enjoys playing sports for fun, but not competitively.
  • Has to stay active somehow. If he has nothing to do for several days in a row, you can expect him to plan some huge event.
  • Actually sorta sucks at music, even though he owns several instruments. He's too lazy for other clubs though (and no way would he ever join a sport).
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